Consult and specialty counseling50-100 lei
Study model40 lei
Local anesthesia30 lei
Peri-apical or radiography retro-alveolar20 lei
Occlusal radiographies20 lei
Bitewing radiography20 lei
Panoramic Rx80 lei
Depuration /tooth8-10 lei
Brushing /tooth4 lei
Periodontal bags curettage40 lei
Mechanical whitening of the teeth (Profijet)4 lei
Fluorination /arch100 lei
Desensitization40 lei
Faceting200-400 lei
Dental bandages (emergency dental treatment)60-80 lei
CIS obturation100-200 lei
Obturation (composite) surface120-150 lei
Obturation (composite) 2 surfaces150-200 lei
Obturation (composite) more surfaces200-300 lei
Cosmetic Obturation300 lei
Direct MTA capping50 lei
Obturation for false courses, perforations, apexification80-150 lei
Temporary obturations30 lei
Composite rebuilding200-350 lei
Rebuilding with endo-canal with a beak140-200 lei
Preparation of cavities with channels and fosets (Aquacut)100-150 lei
Prophylactic sealing channels and fosets40-80 lei
LASER therapy30 lei
Dopoforez30 lei
Waterway70-120 lei
Fixing of dental pearl150 lei
Treatment of chemical teeth whitening / arch300 lei
Whitening / tooth150 lei
Simple extraction / root remnants80 lei
Extraction with suture150-200 lei
Surgical extraction300 lei
Frenectomy200 lei
Gingivectomy / tooth50-70 lei
Pre-molarization, dental hemisects100 lei
Retrograde obturation120 lei
Chistectomy200-300 lei
Extraction if included teeth300-500 lei
Odontectomy300-500 lei
Operculectomy (emergency dental treatment)60-100 lei
Abscess treatment (emergency dental treatment)60-120 lei
Periodontal curettage / hemi-arch200-400 lei
Increasing clinical crown50-150 lei
Intervention with flap100-300 lei
Periodontal intervention with membrane application200-300 lei
Dental immobilization (splinting)120-200 lei
Artificial bone250-500 lei
Extraction of temporary teeth60 lei
Pulpectomy40-180 lei
Obturations of temporary teeth50-100 lei
Prophylactic sealing of channels and fosets40-60 lei
Fluorization / arch30-100 lei
Mobile denture
Total denture superior / inferior1000-1500 lei
Special systems of fixing, support and stabilizing400-600 lei
Skeletal denture with crosetes2000 lei
Skeletal denture with special anchorage systems of precision2500 lei
Precision anchorage250 lei
Mobile saddle (Kemmeny)400-600 lei
Temporary denture1000-1500 lei
Repairs80-150 lei
Casing100-200 lei
Fixed denture
Porcelain crowns on noble alloy (in addition to the alloy price)500-600 lei
Zircon crowns1000-1300 lei
Porcelain crowns on Cr-Co alloy600-700 lei
Composite crowns on Cr-Co alloy300-400 lei
Crown ablation50 lei
Cementing crown with CIS50 lei
Cementing crown with composite60-80 lei
Porcelain crowns without metallic support1000-1300 lei
Temporary crowns70-130 lei
Telescopic crowns1000 lei
Porcelain incrustations (inlay, onlay, facet)1000 lei
Fixing system of Attractive Glass ZX-271100 lei
Dental implant
Dental implant2000-2500 lei
Pre-implant surgery (bone graft, sinus lifting, etc.)1000-2000 lei
Implant super-structures of different types600-1300 lei
Metalic fixed dental braces900 EUR
Sapphire fixed dental braces1900 EUR
Metalic fixed dental braces Damon1900 EUR
Clear fixed dental braces Damon2500 EUR
Mobile dental braces900 lei
Distalization dental braces1500 lei
Dental expander1500 lei
Glass fiber space maintainer350 lei
Study model150 lei
Retention braces250 lei
Retainer350 lei
Normal arch100 lei
Aesthetic arch Damon150 lei
Metalic bracket60 lei
Sapphire bracket200 lei
Metalic bracket Damon200 lei
Clear bracket Damon250 lei
Intermaxillary elastic20 lei
Elastic change20 lei
Wax10 lei
Exploratory consultation (includes: full endodontic microscope investigation, dental dam protection, +/- ultrasound)150 lei
Complete endodontic treatment – mono rooted tooth, +/- microscope. (Includes root canal obturation and coronal obturation)300-500 lei
Complete endodontic retreatment – mono rooted tooth, +/- microscope (includes root canal obturation and coronal obturation, +/- interim medication CaOH)400-600 lei
Complete endodontic treatment – multi rooted tooth, +/- microscope (includes root canal obturation and coronal obturation)500-900 lei
Complete endodontic retreatment – multi rooted tooth, +/- microscope (includes root canal obturation and coronal obturation, +/- interim medication CaOH)600-1000 lei
Removal of tooth channel broken needles200 lei
Closure of perforations with MTA / Bioceramic150 lei
Crown-root device removal100-200 lei
Pain relief bandage100 lei
Endodontic drainage100 lei