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Your first visit to the dentist. What does it mean?

Have you enjoyed a nice and kind welcome? Has the doctor seemed genuinely interested in your problem? If you liked what you have heard and what you have seen, you will surely want to make another appointment for a short session of treatments. Allow yourself to go at your own pace and don’t feel you must do something you are not comfortable with.

Complete examination is the first step towards obtaining a healthy and beautiful smile. To have guaranteed success in our procedures, we take all the necessary time to attentively and wholly examine your dental state. Our clinic has talented staff and professional doctors who provide the best care available to our patients. Our purpose is to help you reach your best shape through quality services. We also want to give you the necessary information and education so that you can enjoy your smile for a very long time.

The purpose of the first appointment is to inform the patient. Treat it as an opportunity to find out everything you need to know about your dentist. Were you welcomed properly? Did the doctor seem interested in your problem? If you are happy with what you have seen and you want to enjoy your smile for a long time, here is what is going to happen next:

We will do the necessary dental X-rays, using digital radiographies (which use up to 90% less radiation than the conventional X-ray machines).

We will also fill in a form detailing information about all your teeth, all the dental procedures up to this moment and, of course, all the areas in need of our attention.

During the first visit we will carefully examine all your teeth and investigate all the issues that need solving. Your dentist will then elaborate a treatment plan and will inform you how long it will take.

At GM Clinic we are assessing together with each patient the best treatment plan for each individual condition.

What are the costs?

Although most questions are related to price, these should not be the determining factor. It is the same as when you choose a surgeon or even a restaurant – you don’t want to make the choice based solely on the price. Before thinking about the price, think about the following questions:

How much is a smile worth to you?

How does it make you feel?

How could a bright smile change your life?

The most accessible way of establishing the price for shaping your smile is to schedule an appointment with one of our specialists. This meeting will consist of checking and assessing all your teeth. You and your doctor are going to get to know each other in this meeting and you’ll talk through the issues and what you would like done, in order to improve your teeth. Your doctor will give you the big picture of all the things we could do to help you acquire the smile you long for.

We believe that the first thorough dental appointment is only the first step in acquiring a healthy and beautiful smile. In order to have a guaranteed success with our dental cosmetic procedures, we take all the necessary time to carefully and completely examine your dental state. Our purpose is to offer you all the information and education you need in this regard. After the check-up, we can talk about the specific treatment plan and the price for shaping your smile.

When was your last visit to the dentist?

It is recommended that you come in for a check-up every six months.